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What is PopCash ? Make Money On PopCash

Like almost everyone who wants to make money online, is your biggest goal of increasing income and permanent income? Then one of the most ideal options you can use would be PopCash. It improves your earning opportunities by using the traffic coming to the website effectively.

It offers great rates on Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) of desktop and mobile traffic around the world. Thanks to its Pop-Under ads, it manages to offer a unique alternative for Adsense users while increasing their income to ideal levels. One of the biggest privileges of Popcash is that the earnings can be withdrawn and used on a daily basis. If you are ready now, let’s take a closer look at all your questions about Popcash!

What is Popcash?

What is PopCash

Popcash was founded in 2012 by two entrepreneurs named Alex and Radu and managed to reach users by getting millions of hits in a short time. It has adopted the approach of promising advertising revenues with the logic of Google Adsense. In this context, Popcash has grown in a short time and allowed a successful result. Popcash, which has grown in a short time and attracted attention with its performance, has millions of users today. You can reach a result full of privileges by using this option, which is preferred by website owners as a profitable solution.

What is Pop Under?

Popunder or Pop-under ads are known as advertising windows at the bottom of websites. Also known as a different version of the pop-up, this ad option appears at the bottom of the page rather than opening as a Pop Up .

Why are Popunder (Tubunder) Ads Preferred?

As an advertising option preferred by Popcash, popunder ads are preferred on websites with a very low interaction rate. It is also a great advantage that Popunder ads, which have a high-income rate compared to Google Adsense, easily attract attention. This option, which is generally used on mobile platforms, increases the opportunities for websites to earn income.

Why Should You Use Popcash?

While Popcash attracts attention as an option preferred by many webmasters recently, it manages to increase its earnings opportunities thanks to its advantages. Moreover, earnings are not considered the only privilege. Saying that you can get serious privileges by using Popcash, it is useful to evaluate what awaits you!

High Earnings with Low CPM with Popcash

The most important factor in choosing Popcash, which uses the Popunder advertising option, is that it has a lot of earning opportunities despite low interaction. For this reason, for almost everyone who wants to increase their income, choosing Popcash is a very special option for almost everyone. So what you need to do to bring your income to reasonable levels is quite simple. Start using Popcash and earn incomparably higher incomes than Google Adsense!

Get Paid Quickly With Popcash

Thanks to Popcash, which you will use as an option that will increase your income to very serious levels, the biggest advantage awaiting you is that you will be able to receive payments without having to wait for too long. Popcash, which you prefer to have a profitable and sustainable advertising-income, does not keep your earnings waiting for a long time, so it is possible to use this system for a large number of website owners. So, what kind of solution can be reached regarding payments?

For Popcash payments, it is possible to perform transactions between 24 hours and 48 hours. It is possible to earn with minimum limits, especially for those who need money urgently and want to withdraw advertising revenues immediately. Wouldn’t you like to reach special solutions by choosing this wonderful option? Then you should start having a flawless experience by choosing this wonderful system.

Varieties of Payment Options

When you want to withdraw your earnings, there are special options that you can use. Thanks to one of them, Pop cash, much more than earning will be waiting for you. We can say that some applications provide a great advantage in generating income with advertising. However, Popcash provides a great privilege as it offers the opportunity to withdraw your earnings in different ways. You will be able to receive payments with many options such as PayPal, Payza, Paxum, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

We use methods that will allow you to obtain a unique solution for receiving payments. Moreover, you will not have to pay any commission. Thus, it is inevitable for you to achieve a successful result.

Generating Dollar Income

Popcash is much more advantageous in terms of income when compared to Google Adsense. The main reason for this is that payments are made in dollars. Website owners using Google Adsense receive payments in TL, while Popcash’s payment in dollars makes the earnings much more privileged. Therefore, in addition to using Google Adsense, you can double your income by using Popcash. Thus, it is always considered a more privileged option.

While the increase in the exchange rate of Dollar vs. other currencies ensures that the income in low currencies will always increase in value, it should be stated that the website owners will be a part of the increasing earnings system.

What Kinds of Differences Are There Between Google Adsense and Popcash Ads?

Google Adsense Ads are published within the framework of a certain policy and in the light of equal evaluation of all users. However, Popcash is preferred for profitable investments with a different approach. Thanks to the popunder ads, which are based on the logic of those who use Popcash to earn high amounts of income, you can also earn a serious income.

What Kinds of Privileges Does Popcash Offer to Ad Publishers?

Using Popcash has a huge role in making a profitable and sustainable income. In this context, it is absolutely necessary to benefit from Popcash publications in order to offer an alternative to Google Adsense income. Do you want to choose the most successful options in this regard? Then you should take a closer look at what special privileges await you with Popcash.

Fast Approval Process

One of the biggest privileges for almost everyone who wants to create a Popcash account and run ads is the fast approval process. Therefore, as a website owner, consider the most suitable options for you. Thus, it is possible to have an account that is approved quickly. Compared to Google Adsense, the very fast account approval process will be considered among the most serious privileges waiting for you.

Safe Ads

The important thing for many people who want to advertise on the website is that the ads are reliable and do not cause any negative effects. In particular, taking action by considering the negativity that advertisements can create is more valuable than anything else. In this context, using Popcash is considered an advantageous option for most people. You will also be able to obtain the ideal one among the options that will bring confidence to the fore.

Basit ve Hızlı Entegrasyon

When you want to integrate ads, having a long and challenging experience can cause serious problems for you. Therefore, what you need to do is to reach a more successful solution using only Popcash. As a professional point of view and a suitable option, all you need to do is to ensure that the processes are completed quickly with Popcash.

Ongoing Support

Considering the problems you may experience due to Google Adsense problems, it is possible to experience serious losses. For this reason, it is paramount to act by considering continuous support solutions. Because you should know that you can reach an experience full of privileges with solutions for your problems by a professional team.

Passive Earning Opportunities with Affiliate Link

Do you want to benefit from passive income opportunities with reference? Then one of the most important options you should choose is undoubtedly Popcash! If you refer to your friends and acquaintances with Popcash, you will be able to earn 10% from their earnings.

How would you like to take advantage of Popcash, which will offer you a special solution with all these privileges? Then you should sign up right away and start having a flawless experience.

Note: You can only earn a maximum of 1000 dollars from each person! then unfortunately that refeere deleted from your Affiliate list! Popcash being very sneaky here !!! Normally they should do it for lifetime!

So How Much Did I Earn Using PopCah?

So How Much Did I Earn Using PopCah?

I’ve been using it for about 7-8 months and my total income is $375, not bad 🙂 Google adsense aside, you can use it in popcash and increase your earnings more. Personally, that’s what I do.

So how much do I earn monthly?

Popcash monthly earnings

As you can see in the picture, I have withdrawn my money via Payoneer for the last 51$ without paying any transfer fee. By looking at the date of this article, you can calculate 2022-06-29 from the last withdrawal date. Exactly a month, my earnings this month were $47.16, some months are $50, some months are between $25-$38, İts better than nothing. 🙂

You can click here to Register on PopCash and Earn Money Now.

How to Register on Popcash? (Website Approval Process)

How to Register on Popcash? (Website Approval Process)

The process of becoming a member is very simple, you will have to add your website after you enter the necessary information in the Register section and confirm your email. Then select the Popup / Popunder option and add the website code between <body> and </body>.

PopUp: It is the page that opens when someone enters your site.

Popunder(Tab under): An ad that opens on the back of the page when someone clicks on the website ( new Ad windows are opened background). I see no difference really! Popunder / Popups are the same!

If you want an alternative, I can recommend you The ExoClick site. You can have 3 advertising options on your site. I will talk about Exoclick in another article.

PopCash Publisher Code Integration

If you don’t have any coding knowledge, Get the WordPress plugin. Of course, if your site is WordPress, it’s much easier to use the plugin.

WordPress Pop Cash Plugin: PopCash Publisher Code Integration

In the Table below, you can see the withdrawal fees together with the withdrawal applications.

Pop Cash Payment Fees General Info

Payment Processor Minimum Fee
Paypal $10 2%(up to $1)
Paxum $ 10 1 $
Skrill $ 10 1%
WebMoney $ 10 1%
Payoneer $ 50 No Fees
Perfect Money $ 10 0.50%
Bitcoin $ 150 No Fees
Ethereum $ 150 No Fees
Ripple $ 10 No Fees
Litecoin $ 10 No Fees


  1. Gökhan Vatancı Gökhan Vatancı August 4, 2022

    Çok bilgilendirici ve uzman bir websitesi yapmışsınız. Emeğinize sağlık. İçeriklerinizin devamını merakla bekliyoruz. 🍀

  2. cbba tum cbba tum November 20, 2022

    I am very happy to say that I am earning good money on Popcash. I have been a member of Popcash for about two months now and I have to say that it is a great way to earn some extra cash. I am paid on a daily basis and I have never had any problems with payments. The best part about Popcash is that it is very easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to earn some extra money.

  3. selina selina November 20, 2022

    I would highly recommend Popcash to anyone who is looking to make some extra money online. Popcash is a great way to earn some extra cash, and I am proof that it really works. Thank you, Popcash, for helping me make some extra money!

  4. adam fuss adam fuss November 20, 2022

    PopCash is an ad network that has been operational since 2010. The network is headquartered in Indonesia and provides its services to advertisers and publishers all over the world. PopCash has a good reputation in the industry and is a popular choice for those looking for an alternative to Google AdSense.

    The network offers a wide range of ad formats including banner ads, pop-unders, and direct links. PopCash has a good selection of ad inventory and offers competitive rates. The network also has a good reputation for payments and offers weekly payments via PayPal, wire transfer, or e-check.

    Overall, PopCash is a good choice for those looking for an alternative to Google AdSense. The network offers a wide range of ad formats, competitive rates, and a good reputation for payments.

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