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What is SEO Competitor Analysis? What Is Considered?

What is SEO Competitor Analysis?

What is SEO Competitor Analysis?

SEO Competitor analysis is one of the first processes a website needs to be developed and planned. It’s a comprehensive reporting process, more like knowing what your competitors are doing so you can use their weaknesses to your advantage. It is important to understand the current and different modes of competitive analysis because no matter what industry you currently serve, there will always be competitors. The same analytical approach can be applied when looking at SEO trends.

Although competitive SEO is an important step in early SEO, it is still overlooked by many websites. It’s a mistake to dive into entering keywords, link building, and optimizing content without knowing and understanding how competitor analysis is done. For this reason, if you want to make money in the market, you should know that your competitors exist and are struggling without you, so competitor analysis should never be skipped while competing in this field.

SEO competitor analysis is required

  • When you scan for keywords, check popular sites and find out which SEO tactics they use the most and which ones work.
  • Identify your opponent’s weaknesses and take advantage of their weaknesses to take steps to move forward.
  • Find gaps in your content, for example, if your content isn’t written every day, enable it and you should make your categories more complete.
  • Find your competitors’ top-performing keywords and optimize for them.

Considerations in SEO Competitor Analysis

The main purpose of an SEO strategy is to rank above your competitors in search engine results pages to get more coverage in the keywords you specify and increase your revenue. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of the SEO strategies your competitors are using to achieve your goals, it’s very unlikely to expect to rank higher than your competitors. In this case, it would be wrong to stick to a certain strategy, for example, in addition to keyword research, competitive analysis is also very important to reach the desired ranking.

Competitive analysis is a method of identifying websites that rank higher than yours on search engine results pages. This analysis should give you an idea of ​​what your competitors are doing to reach their position.

Find The Major Competitors

One of the first steps you can take when discovering your main competitors is to create a list that ranks higher than your main competitors for the same keywords. Competitors in your industry include businesses with similar products or services targeting the same search terms. The main purpose of this step is to determine what action you need to take and where your competitors are falling behind. Before entering the industry, it is clear which websites you will choose as a competitor, and you will use some websites as an example to start this business, even if it is small.

Compare rankings using keywords

The only thing you need to do in this step in the department you serve is to learn your keywords from competitors or SEO tools and write them in the search bar. Start by checking which websites appear above you, this will always lead you to success. These are the sites you should focus on when analyzing content. Since the content of these sites is very high quality and informative, since the content rank high for your most searched keywords, you should better determine your content strategy and your first goal should be quality content and passing the right SEO regulations.

Explore the gaps in their strategy

Like most large companies, use a SWOT analysis to identify opportunities for your competitors so you can use it for your own company. If we simply define what a SWOT analysis is, it is to ensure that the strengths or weaknesses, strengths or weaknesses are considered as a whole in the decision-making process of any issue. There are many SEO tools on the market that are easy to use in the browser. Factors to be known among competitors;

  • Backlinks
  • Social Media
  • İnternal Links
  • Content (Content is the King Here)

Create a Content Strategy

Once you have a good understanding of the keywords and tactics your competitors are using, you need to make changes to your own website, i.e. pages and content you’ve already created. Analyzing what relevant keywords you found during your analysis gives you an idea of ​​what your competitors are related to. Of course, by imitation, we do not mean plagiarism, but rather what it does.

You should pay attention to how he achieves these achievements. If you need to set up a new page when making a checkout, you can do it from scratch, or even create a category and build it from the quality and user-oriented content.

Best Competitor Analysis Tools

SeoDio Competitive Analysis Tool (Completely Free)

SeoDio Competitive Analysis Tool

You can compare with the popular and completely free SEO competitor analysis tool and at the same time strengthen your site’s SEO. competitor analysis tool offers analysis in many languages.

Ahrefs Competitive Analysis Tool

Ahrefs Competitive Analysis Tool

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools and also works with different tools designed to work successfully on the entire SEO topic even on its own. In Ahrefs’ site crawler tool, you can easily view reports of competing domains and pages based on keyword rankings.

The Ahrefs site crawler tool was available for free with a 7-day trial period. (Unfortunately, they removed it and made it fully paid) If you want to do competitor analysis regularly, you will need to upgrade to a paid account to continue using the tool.

SEMrush Competitive Analysis Tool

You can easily identify your key organic competitors, and what their best-performing content is. You can also use traffic analytics and compare your site to theirs, compare your site’s target audience to your competitors, and see how top organic rankings and positions have changed over time.

SEMrush can allow up to 7 queries per day on a free account

You should definitely spend some time doing an SEO competitor analysis to improve the content, improve rankings, and increase organic traffic, as this opens up so many opportunities. Your competitors may be censoring your site right now, but by doing so you should focus on getting ahead, not falling behind.


Learn from your competitors and try to do what they do best to improve your content.

Make your content available to you, valid for your site, and positive for your users. Optimize your competitor edit for the best-performing keywords.

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